Maui Ultima & Ultima Elite

Up to 2 ½ year old

2 Adults


Pick-up & Drop-off

Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown
Hours of operation
08:00am – 4:30pm


  • Enviro Award Gold
  • Endorsed Visitor Transport
  • Self-Contained

Maui Ultima

The Ultima is the smallest of the Maui line, with seating for 2 and either a double bed or two single beds. This campervan has plenty of storage for anything you need in your adventures. Flexible and spacious bed configurations, enabled by the clever rear “U” shape design. Ample storage for golf clubs, fishing rods and even one large soft bag under the bed.

Elite Upgrade

Maui Ultima Elite is the same as Maui Ultima except that the vehicle age is guaranteed under 1 year old.

We travelled by campervan fur 2 weeks around the South Island NZ. Our van was great, easy to handle and good features

Saw all the sites we wanted, travelling in the camper was easy and meant we could alter our route and destinations when we chose.

Maui Ultima Video

GPS included

No deposit required

Vehicle liability reduction to nill

No extra driver fee, unlimited miles

Contact Us

+64 3 669 2019

24B Moorefield Rd, Wellington, New Zealand 6037