Child restraints for all vehicles

All children aged under seven years must travel in an approved child restraint

  • Children aged from birth to approximately four years (birth-18kg) must use a child seat
  • Children aged between four and seven years (15-36kg) must use a booster seat
  • The Maui River can accommodate up to 3 child seats
  • All child restraints must comply with the standards approved in New Zealand

Hiring a child or booster seat or bringing your own

  • Child restraints are available for hire from all thl branches for NZ$36 per hire Child/booster seats are included in the Inclusive Pack for each brand. To ensure available stock it is recommended that child restraints are requested at the time of booking
  • An AU/NZ Standard, European Standard or American Standard restraint that complies with New Zealand law is acceptable to use in New Zealand

Where your child can sit

  • Front passenger seats in all vehicles cannot accommodate children under seven years
  • Child or booster seats are not permitted in the rear facing seats of any vehicle
  • We recommend that children are kept rear facing until approximately two years of age
PLEASE NOTE: This is designed as a guide only. For further information please discuss with your Reservations Consultant.
For further details on where your child can sit in our campervans please see overleaf.